Advantages of Mass Auto Insurance from Plymouth Rock

When you buy your auto insurance in Massachusetts from Plymouth Rock Assurance, you will save money and enjoy of few benefits as well!

Plymouth Rock Rewards Plus

That’s not all; if you have bought your home insurance from Bunker Hill Insurance Company who happen to be affiliates of Plymouth Rock Assurance, the discount on your car insurance can jump up to twenty six per cent.

Lifetime Continuation Agreement

One of the biggest benefits of taking your car insurance from Plymouth Rock Assurance is that it offers you a life time coverage by guaranteeing it with its Lifetime Continuation Agreement. It will keep renewing your auto insurance policy as long as you can keep up your good driving status and you stay regular with your premium payments.

Crashbusters Service

Plymouth Rock Assurance also offers its customers immediate help through its claim team if there is a case of an accident. The claim will be processed quickly through its `Crashbusters’ services. This allows you to go through easy and fast settlement of your claims with the on-scene cell phone adjuster service. Last year, the Crashbusters team of Plymouth Rock Assurance managed almost eighty five per cent of the claims made by the company’s customers and took care of about five thousand cases where checks were issued on the spot.

Door to Door Valet Claim Services

As a follow up, Plymouth Rock Assurance also offers its door to door Valet Claim Services. It attends to all the repairs related to the claim, making life easy for its clients. The car of the customer is picked up and repaired at the assigned shop of his or her choice and it is then delivered back to the house.

So, these are not meagre benefits. It pays in the long run to get your car insured at Plymouth Rock Assurance and make sure you keep your policy in force to enjoy all these benefits.

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