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Massachusetts Car Insurance Discounts from Plymouth Rock

You can avail of special discounts and save on your car insurance expense in Massachusetts. Plymouth Rock Assurance will offer its customers attractive insurance discounts and rating factors in addition to its competitive premiums. How can you save with discounts from Plymouth Rock Assurance? You can reduce your premiums considerably by qualifying for individual and […]

Massachusetts Auto Insurance Coverages

Massachusetts was the pioneer state in requiring vehicle liability insurance in 1925. The vehicle insurance rates in the entire state were established by the Insurance Commissioner until quite recently. This was done under a fixed and established structure. Today, there is scope for competition as car insurers have different premiums. Vehicle Insurance Requirements in Massachusetts […]

Cancelled Auto Insurance… Next steps to get Coverage

You can cancel your required auto insurance coverage when you return the license plates to the Registry of Motor Vehicles or when you change your insurance provider. Your auto insurance can even get cancelled in the case of it getting lapsed when you do not pay your renewal premium amount within the grace period allowed. […]

Advantages of Mass Auto Insurance from Plymouth Rock

When you buy your auto insurance in Massachusetts from Plymouth Rock Assurance, you will save money and enjoy of few benefits as well! Plymouth Rock Rewards Plus That’s not all; if you have bought your home insurance from Bunker Hill Insurance Company who happen to be affiliates of Plymouth Rock Assurance, the discount on your car insurance […]