Massachusetts Car Insurance Discounts from Plymouth Rock

You can avail of special discounts and save on your car insurance expense in Massachusetts. Plymouth Rock Assurance will offer its customers attractive insurance discounts and rating factors in addition to its competitive premiums.

How can you save with discounts from Plymouth Rock Assurance?

You can reduce your premiums considerably by qualifying for individual and group insurance discounts:

Individual Discounts or Rating Factor

  • Companion Policy – This is applicable to all customers with eligible Bunker Hill house, condominium, renters’ or dwelling fire cover. You can get a discount of up to 13%.
  • Anti-Theft – This is applicable to all car owners who have vehicles that qualify with anti-theft devices like car alarms. The discount is available up to a range of up to 36%.
  • Safe Driver – This is applicable to those drivers who have no black points for faulty driving or have not been charged with surcharge-able incidents. The discount range available is up to 25%.
  • EDocument – This is applicable to all those new customers at Plymouth Rock. They will have to enrol within a month after their policy’s effective date. They also have an option of signing up for EDocuments at least sixty five days before their next date of renewal to receive a discount of up to 5% at their next renewal of the policy.
  • Advanced Driver Training – A discount is available on the premium of up to 5% for all those inexperienced drivers who enrol for a certified training course and complete it.
  • Student Away at School – This is applicable to inexperienced operators who are students residing at a distance which is more than a hundred miles from  the location of a principal garage and who do not have regular access to the vehicle being insured. The discount available is up to 15%.
  • Good Student – A discount of up to 15% is applicable for those inexperienced operators who are attending high school or college and who are maintaining a grade average of 3.0 or higher with less than three merit rating points. This discount cannot be given over and above the `Student Away at School’ qualification.
  • Age 65 or Older – A discount of 25% is available to experienced senior citizen operators whose age is sixty five years or higher.
  • Paid in Full – New customers at Plymouth Rock who pay in full are eligible for a discount of up to 4%. All customers who already have a policy with them will have the discount reflected in their initial renewal invoice. The discount cannot be added mid-term; it will only be done at the effective date of the policy.
  • Advanced Issue – A discount of up to 5% is available in the first year of the policy for all new Plymouth Rock policies that are issued at least a week prior to the effective date of the policy.

Group Discounts

These car insurance discounts from Plymouth Rock Assurance are based on the owners’ affiliations or memberships:

  • AARP Massachusetts Auto Insurance Program – A discount of up to 6% is available for all AARP members in Massachusetts.
  • WFCR Membership – A discount of up to 6% is available for all members of Massachusetts’ Public Radio Station, WFCR.
  • WBUR Membership – A discount of up to 7% is available for members of Massachusetts’ Public Radio Station, WBUR.
  • SBLI Policyholders – A discount of up to 9% is available for all members of Savings Bank Life Insurance Health and Safety Group.

Massachusetts Auto Insurance Coverages

Massachusetts was the pioneer state in requiring vehicle liability insurance in 1925. The vehicle insurance rates in the entire state were established by the Insurance Commissioner until quite recently. This was done under a fixed and established structure. Today, there is scope for competition as car insurers have different premiums.

Vehicle Insurance Requirements in Massachusetts

The State Law requires a minimum car insurance coverage as detailed below:-

  • Personal Injury Protection   – $8,000.
  • Minimum Property Damage Liability – $5,000.
  • Minimum Bodily Injury Liability – $40,000.
  • Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury – $20,000.

If you live in Massachusetts, it has to be remembered that it is a no-fault state. So, it does not matter who the culprit is in case of an accident; you will have to turn initially to your individual personal injury protection coverage (PIP). The minimum limit is $8,000 and it will cover medical expenses, replacement services and three-fourths of your lost salary/wages.

Your credit status will not be a factor for rating. This information is not used for the purpose of underwriting or rating by the vehicle insurance companies in Massachusetts. This practice is allowed in some other states.

In Massachusetts, it is mandatory to insure a vehicle before it gets registered. A sufficient proof of coverage could be an updated sticker on the license plate or a copy of the registration form if your car is stopped by a law enforcement officer in the state. It is better to carry a hard copy of the insurance card while driving.

Massachusetts has a distinct Lemon Aid law concerning defects that are found in new or leased cars. This law enables the car user to cancel a sale or contract if the car does not pass inspection within a week from the date of sale  and if the estimated repair cost of these safety related or emission defects is more than ten per cent of the buying price. This will apply to both the private party and dealer sales for cars that are bought for personal use.

If you are looking for a reliable car insurance, get an easy auto insurance quote! Plymouth Rock Assurance is based in Boston and has been serving car owners and drivers in Massachusetts and Connecticut with attractive premiums for the past three decades.


Cancelled Auto Insurance… Next steps to get Coverage

You can cancel your required auto insurance coverage when you return the license plates to the Registry of Motor Vehicles or when you change your insurance provider. Your auto insurance can even get cancelled in the case of it getting lapsed when you do not pay your renewal premium amount within the grace period allowed.

When you cancel your vehicle insurance policy without renewing or applying for another one, the insurance company will have to take the plate receipt from the Registry of Motor Vehicles before it cancels your insurance cover.  When you change your insurance provider, you have a month’s period from the effective date of your policy to make that change; failing which, you may be penalized. There is no penalty involved when you cancel the optional coverages. You have the freedom to cancel any or all of the optional coverages during any time of the policy year by issuing a formal request to your insurance provider.

In the case of cancelling your car insurance on a premature basis, the penalty fees are reasonable and you can manage that.

What are other situations where your auto insurance policy may get cancelled?

If the insurance company cancels your auto insurance cover, it will happen within the first couple of months from the date of the issue of the policy. The insurance company can check your records and can cancel the policy without submitting any reasons. This usually happens if any information you give on the application turns out to be false or inaccurate. It could also happen as a result of false claims or if it is found out that you have a DUI conviction or traffic accidents’ record that you did not disclose about at the time of applying.

In all these above situations, you can take few steps towards getting auto coverage protection. If your policy lapses due to a delayed payment, you can always get the same policy reinstated and you do not have the hassle of going through medical examinations for that. This still works out cheaper for you than looking for new insurance providers who may not give you any discounts or benefits as your current insurance company.

Advantages of Mass Auto Insurance from Plymouth Rock

When you buy your auto insurance in Massachusetts from Plymouth Rock Assurance, you will save money and enjoy of few benefits as well!

Plymouth Rock Rewards Plus

That’s not all; if you have bought your home insurance from Bunker Hill Insurance Company who happen to be affiliates of Plymouth Rock Assurance, the discount on your car insurance can jump up to twenty six per cent.

Lifetime Continuation Agreement

One of the biggest benefits of taking your car insurance from Plymouth Rock Assurance is that it offers you a life time coverage by guaranteeing it with its Lifetime Continuation Agreement. It will keep renewing your auto insurance policy as long as you can keep up your good driving status and you stay regular with your premium payments.

Crashbusters Service

Plymouth Rock Assurance also offers its customers immediate help through its claim team if there is a case of an accident. The claim will be processed quickly through its `Crashbusters’ services. This allows you to go through easy and fast settlement of your claims with the on-scene cell phone adjuster service. Last year, the Crashbusters team of Plymouth Rock Assurance managed almost eighty five per cent of the claims made by the company’s customers and took care of about five thousand cases where checks were issued on the spot.

Door to Door Valet Claim Services

As a follow up, Plymouth Rock Assurance also offers its door to door Valet Claim Services. It attends to all the repairs related to the claim, making life easy for its clients. The car of the customer is picked up and repaired at the assigned shop of his or her choice and it is then delivered back to the house.

So, these are not meagre benefits. It pays in the long run to get your car insured at Plymouth Rock Assurance and make sure you keep your policy in force to enjoy all these benefits.