Massachusetts Car Insurance Discounts from Plymouth Rock

You can avail of special discounts and save on your car insurance expense in Massachusetts. Plymouth Rock Assurance will offer its customers attractive insurance discounts and rating factors in addition to its competitive premiums.

How can you save with discounts from Plymouth Rock Assurance?

You can reduce your premiums considerably by qualifying for individual and group insurance discounts:

Individual Discounts or Rating Factor

  • Companion Policy – This is applicable to all customers with eligible Bunker Hill house, condominium, renters’ or dwelling fire cover. You can get a discount of up to 13%.
  • Anti-Theft – This is applicable to all car owners who have vehicles that qualify with anti-theft devices like car alarms. The discount is available up to a range of up to 36%.
  • Safe Driver – This is applicable to those drivers who have no black points for faulty driving or have not been charged with surcharge-able incidents. The discount range available is up to 25%.
  • EDocument – This is applicable to all those new customers at Plymouth Rock. They will have to enrol within a month after their policy’s effective date. They also have an option of signing up for EDocuments at least sixty five days before their next date of renewal to receive a discount of up to 5% at their next renewal of the policy.
  • Advanced Driver Training – A discount is available on the premium of up to 5% for all those inexperienced drivers who enrol for a certified training course and complete it.
  • Student Away at School – This is applicable to inexperienced operators who are students residing at a distance which is more than a hundred miles from  the location of a principal garage and who do not have regular access to the vehicle being insured. The discount available is up to 15%.
  • Good Student – A discount of up to 15% is applicable for those inexperienced operators who are attending high school or college and who are maintaining a grade average of 3.0 or higher with less than three merit rating points. This discount cannot be given over and above the `Student Away at School’ qualification.
  • Age 65 or Older – A discount of 25% is available to experienced senior citizen operators whose age is sixty five years or higher.
  • Paid in Full – New customers at Plymouth Rock who pay in full are eligible for a discount of up to 4%. All customers who already have a policy with them will have the discount reflected in their initial renewal invoice. The discount cannot be added mid-term; it will only be done at the effective date of the policy.
  • Advanced Issue – A discount of up to 5% is available in the first year of the policy for all new Plymouth Rock policies that are issued at least a week prior to the effective date of the policy.

Group Discounts

These car insurance discounts from Plymouth Rock Assurance are based on the owners’ affiliations or memberships:

  • AARP Massachusetts Auto Insurance Program – A discount of up to 6% is available for all AARP members in Massachusetts.
  • WFCR Membership – A discount of up to 6% is available for all members of Massachusetts’ Public Radio Station, WFCR.
  • WBUR Membership – A discount of up to 7% is available for members of Massachusetts’ Public Radio Station, WBUR.
  • SBLI Policyholders – A discount of up to 9% is available for all members of Savings Bank Life Insurance Health and Safety Group.
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